Curriculum Vitae
Catherine O’Brien, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Cape Breton University
Nova Scotia, Canada

Ph.D., Administration and Policy Studies in Education
McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 1998
(Focus: Education and Sustainability)

Master of Education, Guidance and Counselling
University of Western Ontario, London, Canada, 1987

Bachelor of Education
University of Western Ontario, 1978

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
University of Western Ontario, 1977

Research Interests

Sustainable Happiness: This is a concept I developed in order to merge the best elements of happiness studies with sustainability. My aim is to assist individuals, organizations, and governments to understand the link between our pursuit of happiness and sustainability.

Living Schools: Exploring how a vision of well-being for all is being realized in schools that integrate sustainability education, new pedagogies, outdoor learning, and much more. These pockets of excellence suggest that Living Schools contribute to student and staff well-being.


How Living Schools are supporting well-being for all, Keynote at the Health, Wellness & Sustainability conference, University of Toronto, January, 2018

Sustainable Happiness: How your happiness and well-being are intertwined with sustainability, Keynote, Environmental Education conference, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, January 2018

Sustainable happiness and well-being for all. Sustainability Alliance of New Brunswick, November, 2017.

O’Brien, C., & Murray, S.E. Transforming ourselves and education through food.International Food Studies conference, Rome, October, 2017.

Sustainable Happiness and Well-Being (keynote). Holistic Teaching and Learning Conference. Winnipeg, May, 2016

O’Brien, C., & Murray, S.E. Wellbeing for all, sustainably: Repurposing education. First International Conference on Positive Communication, Seville, Spain, March, 2015.

Sustainable happiness. Professional development workshop for Dawson College faculty, Montreal, October, 2014.

Sustainable Happiness Certificate Program, Montreal, May, 2014 and 2015.

Positive Aging and Sustainable Happiness, workshops, Montreal, April, 2014.

Sustainable Happiness, webinar for the Canadian Positive Psychology Association, November, 2013.

Sustainable Happiness, Canadian Schools of Nursing Association conference, September, 2013.

Sustainable Happiness, Sustainability and Environmental Research Symposium, Dalhousie University, March, 2013.

Happy, Healthy Communities for All Ages, Plenary panel, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Sustainable Communities conference, Windsor, February, 2013.

Sustainable Happiness, AHIMSA and Sustainable Happiness Conference, Cal Poly Pomona, CA, November 2012

Sustainable Happiness, Keynote, St. Anthony, NL, May 2012

Celebrating Sustainable Happiness in Nunavut, Keynote, Nunavut Teachers Association Conference, Iqaluit, February 2012

Sustainable Happiness, Building Healthy Communities, Keynote, St. John’s, Canada, November 2011

Sustainable Happiness workshop, Iqaluit, Nunavut, November 2011

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Policies for Sustainable Happiness, University of Siena, Italy, June 2007






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