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Happiness and Sustainability, Together at Last!! Sustainable Happiness

As educators consider the future of education and the various visions that are promoted—such as 21st-century learning, Health Promoting Schools programs, social and emotional learning, and entrepreneurship education, the concept of sustainable happiness can contribute to the development of a unified vision that fosters well-being for all, forever (Hopkins, 2013). The sustainable happiness pre-service teacher education course described in this paper gives a glimpse of the benefits of doing so.

Who is Teaching Us About Sustainable Happiness and Well-Being?

The growing recognition that happiness and well-being are intertwined with sustainability is leading to new opportunities for enhancing happiness and well-being, sustainably. The education sector has a critical role in advancing this work but has been slow to incorporate sustainability education and applications of positive psychology. The concept of sustainable happiness offers an innovative perspective to re-invigorate sustainability education and shape priorities for 21st century learning – contributing to resilient, sustainable happiness and well-being for all.

Lessons in Sustainable Happiness

This is an ebook for teachers and students. The first chapter provides activities for teachers to explore sustainable happiness personally. The remaining chapters offer 60 lessons for primary, junior and intermediate grades. Available through Smashwords.

Sustainable Happiness and Well-Being: Future Directions for Positive Psychology

This article looks at the benefits of applying sustainable happiness and positive psychology to education, with particular attention to teacher education.

On the Trail of Sustainable Happiness

This article in Breathe magazine portrays the connection between sustainable happiness and people who love the outdoors, being active and exploring their competitive potential. Deirdre Laframboise and Ingrid Liepa interviewed 4X Olympic medalist, Kristina Groves who shares her thoughts on sustainable happiness.

Teaching a University Course in Sustainable Happiness

Cape Breton University is the first post-secondary institution to offer a course in sustainable happiness. This article provides an overview of the concept and the course. For further information and a copy of the course syllabus see the University section of this web site.

Sustainable Happiness for Teachers and Students

Teachers can apply sustainable happiness to their personal and professional life. This short article in Canadian Teacher magazine provides some lessons and examples of student work.

Sustainability, Happiness and Education

This paper discusses the relevance of happiness studies to sustainability education. It describes a university course on sustainable happiness.

Sustainable Happiness: How Happiness Studies Can Contribute to a More Sustainable Future

This paper provides the rationale for integrating sustainability principles with happiness studies. Examples of sustainable happiness in practice are provided as well as recommendations for further applications.

Sustainable Happiness and the Trip to School

This article explores the concept of sustainable happiness with respect to the trip to school and makes the case for fostering active commuting.