There is exciting and inspiring work happening around the world.

These links will take you to some of the organizations
that are leaders in enhancing sustainability, happiness
and well-being.


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Sustainable Futures

Sustainable Futures takes us to seven different locations in three countries where there are demonstrations of local community efforts toward sustainability.

Farmers at Ruisseau St-Esprit, Canada share their experience of changing farming practices to safeguard the land and support future generations. In El Paso, Texas activists teach farm workers about the dangers of pesticides. In Chicago, Friends of the Chicago River find that native Chicagoans are eager to help clean up the river and its banks. In Chilapa and Salto de San Anton, Mexico educators and activists work to create sustainable communities. The Aldergrove-Bellingham community segment shows a team of Canadians and Americans working together to restore and regenerate a stream.

Each segment demonstrates the enthusiasm and the personal satisfaction that is engendered by the participants who are working together for the common purpose of upgrading their environment and surroundings.


In this wonderful film we get an inside look at the Barefoot College. Situated in the state of Rajasthan, India, the college trains teachers, doctors, solar engineers, hand pump mechanics, designers, chemists, communicators, construction engineers and accountants.

We witness an nonformal education process for children, youth, and adults which assists students to develop and maintain sustainable communities. Its successes in revitalizing communities and teaching by demonstration have been carried to thirteen other Indian states and have influenced local, state, and national policies regarding education and community development.

MANGANIYAR - Song of the Desert

For centuries, the songs of the Thar Desert have been kept alive and passed down by families of musicians. Their music is woven into the fabric of village life resonating with the rhythms and textures of the desert. In these small villages of the Thar Desert the age-old musical traditions still survive.

Manganiyar – Song of the Desert, takes viewers into the Thar Desert of western Rajasthan. Near the fabled fortess of Jaisalmer there is a small village where two families of traditional musicians of the Manganiyar caste perform and pass down their songs as it has been done for centuries. Their patriarch, Sakar Khan is an unassuming virtuoso kamaicha player who has performed for audiences through put the world.