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Innovative Educator – Anita Fedoruk

By Angela Neufeld • June 17, 2016

My colleague, Kathy Snow, introduced me to the concept of open knowledge and inspired me to find ways to share the amazing learning that is happening in our MEd (Sustainability, Creativity, and Innovation) program. Our grad students have created digital curation sites and I have asked their permission to publicly share their insights. I have already posted articles by Julie Van Caeyzeele, Ashley Pilatic, Evelyn Zankowski, and Paul Clarke. This piece, by Angela Neufeld, profiles an innovative educator, Anita Fedoruk who is connecting her students with seniors to enhance literacy. (Catherine O’Brien)

To foster more creativity in the classroom, Anita believes that it is important that teachers learn to give up some control and let the students guide where the class is going to go – within reason. Angela Neufeld

[Excerpt] I recently followed Archwood School on Twitter.  I used to work at Archwood School and I enjoy feeling like I am still connected to its story.  A few weeks ago I noticed that a grade 5/6 teacher was posting about the HOSTS program.  I didn’t know anything about this program, but the tweet implied that senior citizens were a regular part of the school week.  I loved this idea as I have often worried about the disconnect between students and seniors and the percentage of lonely seniors.  I felt that this was an innovative way to help students and seniors who could benefit from one-on-one connections.

I decided to interview Anita Fedoruk to learn more about this innovative program.

Anita informed me that HOSTS stands for Helping Our Students To Succeed.  For her classroom, it consists of seniors who volunteer for 1 1/2 hour periods. The seniors work with three different students in that time frame.  The same students are supported on a daily basis with reading/writing.  Students are provided reading materials at their instructional reading level. They read the material several times to develop accuracy and fluency and then answer various questions to support comprehension and writing skills.

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