Sustainable Happiness for Teachers
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Lessons in Sustainable Happiness. An ebook for teachers and students! The first chapter introduces you to sustainable happiness for teachers. The remaining chapters offer 60 lessons for primary, junior and intermediate grades.





Educ for SH and WB cover copyMy new book, Education for Sustainable Happiness and Well-Being will be here in May, 2016! You can pre-order now through Routledge:



If you are interested in exploring SH Coursesustainable happiness further for yourself, consider signing up for the online sustainable happiness course! It’s a great way to enhance your own happiness and wellbeing!


Sustainable Happiness and Health Education is a Teacher’s Guide for grades P/K-6. Lesson plans are designed to meet Canadian health education curriculum outcomes for each province. There is a general French version as well as French versions for Ontario and New Brunswick. Documents with * are coming soon. For teachers outside of Canada, see the International version in English and Spanish.

Teacher’s Guide for:

Sustainable Happiness and Health Education Teachers's Guide

International Version

Guía del maestro – Felicidad sostenible y educación para la salud

British Columbia
New Brunswick [En] [Fr]
Newfoundland and Labrador
Northwest Territories*
Nova Scotia
Ontario [En] [Fr]
Prince Edward Island
Version française

Celebrating Sustainable Happiness in Nunavut

Thank you to all teachers and students who participated in “Celebrating Sustainable Happiness in Nunavut!! Even though the project is now finished, we hope that you will continue to use the lessons from the Teacher’s Guide. We’d also be delighted to receive samples of your activities. You may send them to:

Here’s a sample of what one class did!

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